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Activities to promote health for the mind, body and spirit.

June 10 – September 27, 2019: Walk to Bihar, India

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You are welcome to contribute miles even if you are not on a Team — select the “I don’t have a team!” option.

We are on a journey of faith from June 10-September 27 to honor and support our partnership mission with Lutheran World Relief/Bihar and our efforts to support the communities of Bihar.

We are exercising our way to Bihar – a total of 7,123 milesAll types of exercise counts towards steps and miles walked and all ages are able to participate.

Exercise Conversion Chart

In support of Saint Andrew’s Lutheran LWR/Bihar mission participants and members will have a voluntary option to make a monetary pledge in support of Bihar.  To make it fun, one could pledge one cent a mile, 5 cents a mile or 10 cents a mile or pledge any amount at the completion of the event.  Track your pledge on your own and make your contribution when convenient. Mark your contribution “Walk to Bihar” and return it to the offering plate or church office.

Our Walk to Bihar kickoff event was June 9, where we had a fun activity fair with educational tables, games and activities featuring the work in Bihar and tasty treats.

If you are still interested in joining a team, contact one of the Outreach Bihar members, Marlyn Thorpe, Becca Piel, or Dawn Guymer.

Grab your walking shoes, gardening gloves, bike helmet and/or yoga mat and start moving to Bihar!

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May 1 – September 4, 2017: Walk to Wittenberg

Walk to Wittenberg was a congregation-wide activity for physical, mental, and spiritual growth, helping all participants become more discipleFIT.  Almost 200 participants formed teams of 10 people each and walked, ran, exercised to accumulate miles for a virtual trip to Wittenberg, Germany…and prayed and meditated along the way.  ALL teams “arrived” in Wittenberg and three accumulated enough miles to do the round-trip back to Bellevue. Collectively we recorded 141,700 miles. Wittenberg was chosen as the destination as a way to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses.

2014: Walk to Jerusalem

Walk to Jerusalem was a congregation-wide activity where all of the participants’ “miles” helped our congregation make a virtual trip to Jerusalem and back to Bellevue. Participants walked, ran, and exercised to accumulate miles, praying and meditating along the way.  Congregation hikes were organized, which was a great way to add miles to the total and get to know each other better too!

Walking Groups

Saint Andrew’s has organized walking and hiking groups in the past. If you are interested in beginning a group, contact the Parish Nurses.