Discipleship Forum Recording – Military Chaplaincy – May 30, 2021

Military Chaplaincy

Presenter: Lieutenant Colonel Reverend Herbert Shao


Reverend Herbert Shao, a chaplain in the Air Force, joined us on the Memorial Day weekend. Lieutenant Colonel Shao spoke on the role and responsibilities of chaplains in the Armed Forces and how Lutherans provide a unique and needed voice. In an uneasy world and amid the current pandemic, the role of the chaplain has been expanded as it serves our military family with a renewed purpose. He also addressed how we can better support current and retired service members.

This Forum was not recorded, but Reverend Shao has shared a handout about Chaplaincy and the slides from his presentation.

Chaplaincy Handout
View Presentation Slides

The presentation includes three videos. These can be viewed through the links in the slides, or they can be viewed here.

Chaplain Howard Stendahl, Retired USAF Chief of Chaplains

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