Discipleship Hour Recording – Crafting Conversations of Courage and Compassion – March 08, 2020

Crafting Conversations of Courage and Compassion – Part 2 of 3

Facilitator: Pastor Timothy T. Weber

Description: It has been said that all organizations (couples, families, businesses, churches) are “networks of relationships.” How those relationships work at the most mature level shape the health and wellness and effectiveness of organizational life. Critical to the nurturing of health relationships are crafting mature conversations with each other. What is the essence of healthy talking with each other? Since humans typically are reactive when it comes to difficult conversations, what does it mean to be mature and nonreactive when the circumstances seduce all of us into immature reactivity? There are easy, superficial, and ineffective answers like: “be nice,” “just care for the other,” “don’t poke the tiger,” “don’t say anything mean,” etc. Following these rules typically lead to one kind of disaster or another. Churches can fall prey to these delusions. There is more to all of this…so, what is it? We will talk together and find out.


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