Discipleship Hour Recording – Neurobiology of Addiction – October 11, 2020

Neurobiology of Addiction

Presenter: Dr. David Vossler

Dr. Vossler's Presentation


Dr. Vossler focused on drug addiction mostly, but some of the science overlaps with alcohol addiction.  We discussed the areas and circuits in the brain that are involved in dampening the ability to feel pleasure and motivation to pursue everyday activities.  We talked about increased strength of conditioned responses and stress reactivity which cause increased cravings for alcohol and other drugs and negative emotions when these cravings are not satisfied.  We also discussed how some brain regions become weaker making decision making, inhibition control, and self-regulation that leads to repeated relapses.  And, we talked about addiction as a disease and how groups like Narcotics Anonymous can help the addict, and Nar-Anon Family Groups can help family and others affected by the addiction.

Saint Andrew’s member Dr. David Vossler is a Clinical Professor of Neurology at the University of Washington; Vice Chair of Council on Clinical Activities, American Epilepsy Society; and Neurology Medical Director at U.W. Medicine and Valley Medical Center.

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