Discipleship Hour Recording – Saint Andrew’s Values and Value Statements – Part 1 -November 01, 2020

Saint Andrew’s Values and Value Statements

Facilitators: Vision Initiative Team Members Dick Szabo, Scott Lester, Ann Thorpe


As part of the Vision Initiative that was started in 2018, our congregation developed both a Mission Statement and a set of Value Statements. This two-part series provides a background of how these values were developed and why they are designed to help identify what defines and motivates our congregation. It reviews each of the four values and how they are guiding the ministry of our church. They should help us to prepare for the next steps in our visioning process.

November 1: Worship and Discipleship
We cover the history of how we developed the four values and our Mission Statement. Week One discusses the values of Worship and Discipleship and how these values fit into our ministry.

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