Outreach: Collection of Food for Hopelink

30 Nov 2020 | 12:00 am

Hopelink needs Emergency Bags, in particular No-Cook Emergency Bags for the homeless who come to them for food.

Throughout November 2020 we will collect food for these No-Cook Emergency Bags.  Since these bags are for homeless people, the items are specific and need to be usable without a can opener or any heating (they can get hot water).  Here are the items we will be collecting:

Most needed items:

  • Pop-top cans of stew or ravioli type meals (i.e. Chef Boyardee)
  • Pop-top cans of fruit
  • Granola bars (needs to be in packaging with expiration date)

Also needed (but Hopelink has an easier time getting)

  • Cups of instant oatmeal (not a packet, but a cup)
  • Peanut butter (~16-ounce plastic jar – no stir)

The expiration date is very important.  To make sure that the items have not expired by the time the bags are given out, Hopelink asks that the expiration date be 6 months (or more) in the future.

There are three ways you can help with these Emergency Bags.  The first two include purchasing some of these items when you do your shopping.  Then you can either bring them to the church parking lot when you pick up your CAROLS Kits (Christmas At-home: Remote Outreach and Loving Service) on Sunday, November 29, or have the items picked up from your front porch (contact Dick Szabo to arrange pickup.)  The third way to help is to send a check to Saint Andrew’s with “Hopelink Emergency Bags” on the memo line.  The money will be used to buy the items to round out the food we provide for the Emergency Bags.  For more information or to arrange a food pick-up, contact Dick Szabo

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