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Online Worship / Livestream

Upcoming Worship Services:

Sunday, September 26  Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost
9:30 am  |  Livestream on YouTube 

Select the button to go directly to the livestream (or recording):

Watch the September 26 Worship Service

Bulletin for September 26 

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As of September 2021:
We continue with one service each Sunday at 9:30 am, in-person and with a simultaneous livestream to our YouTube channel.
For in-person worship, there is a “distanced” section available for those who prefer more distance between worshippers. In compliance with county, state, and health guidelines, everyone needs to wear a mask.

More details can be found on our reopening webpage.

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Flowers on Sundays: We welcome flowers in the Sanctuary on Sundays.
Sign up to Provide Flowers

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As you prepare to view the livestream and worship, we offer the following suggestions:

  • Open or print the bulletin (above). It includes the readings and hymns.
  • Find a comfortable place in your home for worship. It’s even okay to be in your pajamas!
  • Get some crackers or bread and something to drink so that we can share Communion.
  • Light a candle if you have one.
  • For what or for whom do you pray today? Send prayer requests to Pastor Lara before Sunday morning: pastor@salc.church

More information on accessing livestreams or recordings....

The Saint Andrew's YouTube channel has access to livestreams and past recordings.

Open the Saint Andrew's YouTube channel

  • On a computer: Select the button (above) to go to the Saint Andrew's channel on YouTube.
  • Within the YouTube app on a smart device (smartphone, tablet, smart TV, Roku TV, Fire TV, Apple TV, etc.): Search for "Saint Andrew's Lutheran Church Bellevue" to find our channel (hint: include the apostrophe in Andrew's). It should be near the top of the search results, and features a picture of the sign at the entrance to the church parking lot.

Within the channel on either a computer or in the YouTube app:

  • Upcoming livestreams are listed on the HOME tab.
    To watch, click on the worship service.
    Note: if you access the livestream before it begins, you may need to refresh your browser/app after the livestream starts to start the live feed.
  • Past livestreams and other recordings are on the VIDEOS tab.
  • Hint: You can "Cast" YouTube from a mobile device or Google Chrome browser to a Chromecast streaming device attached to your big screen TV.
  • Optional, if you have a Google or Gmail login:
    Click the SUBSCRIBE button to find the channel more easily in the future.
    For an updcoming livestream, you can SET REMINDER.
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Sermons and Worship Media

Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost – September 12 2021

Posted on September 13, 2021, Pastor: Pastor Lara Forbes

Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost – September 05 2021

Posted on September 10, 2021, Pastor: Pastor Lara Forbes
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Discipleship Hour Recordings

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