Sunday, June 12, 2022  |  11:15 am  |  In-Person (Fellowship Hall) AND via Zoom

The Semi-Annual Meeting of the Congregation will be held Sunday, June 12, 2022, at 11:15 noonin-person AND via Zoom.

  • The meeting is in a hybrid format: you can attend in-person, online via Zoom on any device (i.e. computer, tablet, smartphone), or by phone call into the Zoom session (landlines or any device that can make a phone call can be used.) 
    All voting members will receive the Zoom login information and phone instructions the week before the meeting.
  • Members (both in-person and via Zoom) will be checked in as they enter the meeting.
  • Whether online or in-person, all attendees will be able to speak, and all attendees will be able to hear all comments/questions.
  • Online participants will vote via a Google Form (as we did in the Annual Meeting).
  • In-person participants will vote on paper forms.
  • At the meeting, we will hear updates about the recent Saint Andrew’s Leadership Retreat, East King County ELCA cluster gathering, remodel of the Nursery, ongoing ministry, and summer plans.
  • We will also vote on ratifying provision changes to our Constitution. An explanation: at the March 6, 2022 congregation annual meeting, the congregation approved nine (9) changes to provisions. Because these changes were NOT initiated by the ELCA, the congregation is required by ELCA to ratify the change(s) in a second vote.  This process is described in provision *C16.02 of the Saint Andrew’s Constitution:
    “An amendment to this constitution … shall
    a. be approved at a any legally called meeting of this congregation by a majority vote…
    b. be ratified without change at the next regular meeting of this congregation… by a two-thirds vote…”
    Once the proposed amendment(s) are ratified by the congregation, they are sent to the synod for an approval or disapproval decision.
    A description of these provisions along with the rationale for them is included in a document entitled “Approved Provision Changes Requiring Congregation Ratification.” This document is available for your review on the Saint Andrew’s website,, and through the church office.
Quilt Raffle:

Dorcas Circle has donated a quilt to be raffled at our Semi-Annual meeting, with proceeds to go towards supporting Lutheran World Relief. Tickets are by free-will donation and can be purchased in-person at the meeting.

Per our Constitution, a quorum is required. Every voice and vote is important; please plan to attend!

Contact Congregation Council President Carolynn Ferris for more information.

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Resources for Semi-Annual Meeting Topics

Meeting Agenda  
Constitution Ratification Explanation

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Resources for Participating via Zoom

Instructions and Tips for
Joining and Participating in the Meeting

Using a Computer
Using a Tablet/Smartphone
Phoning in Using Any Phone

Short Video (1 1/2 minutes) with Zoom Tips:

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