Kurt Lutterman

Kurt Lutterman

Kurt Lutterman

Facilities Manager

phone: 425-746-2529 extension 11

Kurt Lutterman has served as our Facilities Manager since 2003.

I am one of the non-“genetic Lutherans” on the church staff. When my family was looking for a new church in Bellevue with an embracing congregation and a palpable sense of the Holy Spirit at work, we found Saint Andrew’s in 1999. This church has been a fantastic home for my faith journey.

I have been Facilities Manager since 2003, putting my prior work experiences in computer support and nuclear submarines to work for God’s glory. Regarding the latter, that experience primarily translates to operation and maintenance of electrical, fluid, HVAC and mechanical systems. But if the church ever does upgrade to a nuclear reactor, I’m ready…

As a member of Saint Andrew’s Shared Ministry team, I’m primarily responsible for keeping our facilities a clean, inviting and safe place for ministry to happen. I live in Bellevue with my wife, Teresa, and son, Sean.

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