Russ Stark

Russ Stark

Russ Stark

Accounting Assistant

phone: 425-746-2529 extension 20

Russ Stark has served as our Accounting Assistant since 2006.

I retired from a major corporation in New Jersey in 2001, but I was not ready to be “retired” so I went to work for a CPA in Clinton, NJ and started doing tax returns for his firm. I was already the Treasurer for our non-denominational Church and also for HOPE Bible Mission based in Morristown, NJ.

One of the CPA’s clients was the Jewish Center of Preston and when their bookkeeper resigned, I was asked if I could set their finances up in QuickBooks. This was a great experience and when I finished I was asked to stay on as their bookkeeper, which I did. The janitor and I were the only two gentiles in the Center and I learned a lot about the Jewish faith and the Old Testament.

In 2005 Linda and I moved to Renton to be near our son and daughter and their families and my desire was again to work part time to serve the Lord. In 2006 the Lord led me to Saint Andrew’s and it has been wonderful to continue my faith walk serving the Lord here. We have a great staff and I love the positive energy of the congregation. If I haven’t met you yet, please stop in and introduce yourself. I would enjoy meeting you personally and hearing about your faith walk here at Saint Andrew’s.

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