Eastside Pathways has its administrative offices at Saint Andrew’s.
The mission of Eastside Pathways supports our Outreach and Servant Ministries’ core value of “Education.”

Founded in 2011 in Bellevue, Washington, Eastside Pathways is a community-wide partnership of more than 60 public, private, and nonprofit organizations, supported by a backbone organization that is transforming the way our community works together to make a positive impact in the lives of children and youth.

They are part of StriveTogether, a national network of 70 community partnerships that works to ensure that every child succeeds from cradle to career, regardless of race, income or zip code.

They use the collective impact framework, with guidance from StriveTogether, to engage organizations and work collaboratively to align efforts to address the systemic barriers that hold back some of our children. Families, providers, schools, and cities unite around common goals, measurements, and strategies to maximize every child’s opportunity for success in school and life. They believe this approach, of working together and focusing on every point in the continuum from cradle to career (birth to 26 years), gives our children the opportunities they need to be successful and is our community’s best hope to support all children.