Coordinator: Christine Camrud, Karin Eklof, Discipleship Ministries

Staff Liaison: Director of Discipleship Ministries

“As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.”  Colossians 2:6-7

Faith Stepping Stones is a program that supports parents as they nurture their children in faith.
It celebrates families through blessings and gifts from age two through high school graduation.

Faith Stepping Stones exists to:
Bless the child
Gift the family
Call parents to the Promise

Faith Stepping Stones offers parenting classes, sharing practical ideas for bringing faith into the daily lives of the family, and bringing encouragement to parents in their own personal spiritual growth. Faith Stepping Stones assists parents in fulfilling their promises made at their child’s baptism to:

  • Teach the Lord’s Prayer and Ten Commandments
  • Place the Holy Scripture in the hands of their child
  • Provide instruction in Christian faith so the child may lead a holy life.


Sessions for parents, and sometime students too, are held during the Sunday morning Discipleship Hour.
Parent discussions focus on faith development for the child’s age and how our congregation supports their age group. Parents also discuss issues such as academics, social pressures, emotional development, and transitions their child may be facing. Sessions sometimes include children and are opportunities for parents and children to share faith activities.

Families are blessed and gifts are presented during worship services.
Specific information and dates for each program are communicated directly to parents and can also be found in Saint Andrew’s communications.

Stepping into Prayer (Two-Year-Olds)
Gift: Prayer Pillow

Stepping into the Stories (Kindergarteners)
Gift: Bible

Stepping into the Bible (Third Graders)
Gift: Bible

Stepping into Affirmation of Baptism (Fifth and Sixth Graders)
Session one is held during the Spring of the child’s fifth grade year. Session two is held in the Fall of the child’s sixth grade year.
Gift: Small Catechism

Stepping into the Church (Eighth Graders)
Gift: Bible

Stepping into Adulthood (High School Seniors)
Gift: Quilt or other gift of the family’s choice that will be unique to their child’s faith journey (memory book, digital photo album, etc.)

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