We continue to monitor Covid-related guidelines and mandates from public health experts and authorities to maintain current guidance applicable to Saint Andrew’s Lutheran Church.

Please contact the church office, info@salc.church or 425-746-2529, with any questions.

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  • Mask wearing is optional for worship and other gatherings at Saint Andrew’s.
  • Holy Communion, God’s Word of love made visible in bread and wine, is at the altar rail. All are welcome at the Lord’s Table. At Communion Distribution, the BREAD is placed in the hands. RED WINE and WHITE GRAPE JUICE are offered by individual cup. Cups can be placed in the baskets after communing. We ask that everyone use hand sanitizer as they come to commune.
    Please ask if you would like a gluten-free option.
    If you wish to be communed in your seat, please let one of the ushers/hospitality team know.
  • A distanced section is available for those who feel more comfortable with a little more space. It is suggested that those choosing to sit in this section wear a mask.
  • Offering plates are in the Narthex before entering the Sanctuary or passed through the pews during worship. Electronic donations and mailed-in donations are also an option.
  • The air flow in the Sanctuary continues to be maximized.
  • Memorial services and weddings are considered worship services and have the same guidelines as Sunday morning worship.

Worship Team/Participants

  • Masks are optional for Worship Team members.
  • Distance between singers and nearest possible congregation members is 18 feet on the east side and 22 feet on the west side.
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Fellowship Hall and Kitchen

  • Use of Fellowship Hall is available for use by groups.
  • Reservations must be made through the church office for use. Each request will be considered for approval which must be given prior to use by the requesting group.
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  • Committees and groups can choose to meet at the church – appropriate rooms must be assigned for the size of any particular group.
  • Remote meetings and/or hybrid meetings are still available options.
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