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Coordinator: Dick Swaisgood

Staff Liaison: Sherry Grindeland, Fellowship Coordinator

All men are a part of SAM (Saint Andrew’s Men)!

Tuesday Morning Men

Tuesday Morning Men met every Tuesday at 8:30 am in a virtual gathering to discuss a variety of topics.

Current Tuesday Morning Men Information
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We go on an overnight retreat each fall to Valley Camp in North Bend.  Men from area churches are invited also.

Check back for information about our next retreat!


The 2019 (October 11-12, 2019) Fall’s Retreat topic was “Our Prodigal God: A deep dive into Jesus’ parable in Luke 15.”  The Reverend Paul Hoffman led us through this familiar parable in ways that were new and challenging. We got more deeply acquainted with the wayward son, the welcoming parent, and the older brother. And along the way, discovered some of the ways that we ourselves are “prodigal” with the gifts that God has given us.

On October 26-27, 2018, The Reverend Dr. Timothy Weber, a Clinical Psychologist in Bellevue and Saint Andrew’s Shared-Time Pastor, was our leader exploring the theme: Enriching Life by Embracing Our Dying:  The Proper Use of Death Bed Regrets.

On November 3-4, 2017 we went on an Adventure of Faith with Pastor David Ellingson as our leader.
The retreat was co-hosted with Our Savior Lutheran Church in Issaquah.

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