Congregation Liaison: Outreach and Servant Ministries Committee

To learn more, visit the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission (NELM) website or contact the church office.

Current Opportunities

June 30 – July 7, 2022
Saint Andrew’s is excited to partner with Magnolia Lutheran Church on a mission trip to the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission campus from June 30-July 7, 2022.
There are ample ways to serve the mission on the 5-acre campus, which includes a clinic, school kitchen, Café, playground, office building, apartment buildings, church, classrooms, maintenance building, food bank and deep water well dispenser. The projects will accommodate a variety of volunteer gifts and talents.
Volunteering can also be fun! While we are visiting we will also be able to explore with either a hike to Rock Point or visit Canyon de Chelly.
The Mission can accommodate 30-40 visitors at a cost of $20 per person per day. The apartments are equipped with kitchens, and food is additional and our responsibility. Mission projects will be selected in advance with all materials purchased locally. We will pay for the materials and not burden the Mission with any project costs.
If you are interested in this Mission trip, please contact Becca Piel. All are welcome to attend! There are no age or skill barriers for this opportunity.

Monetary Donations
Monetary donations are always welcome. Make checks payable to “Saint Andrew’s” and note “NELM” in the memo line of your check.

  • Box Tops for Education

    Saint Andrew’s participates in Box Top$ for Education, an easy way to secure needed supplies and equipment for the Mission School at Navajo Lutheran Mission (NELM) in Rock Point, Arizona.

    Box Top$ has gone digital, with all products displaying the “new” coupon on the package. These coupons are scanned, not clipped and mailed in.
    Submitting the “new” coupons uses and app on a smartphone or tablet. The app is free and easy to use.

    Here is the process:

    • Download the BOX TOP$ for Education App from the App Store (Apple) or from Google Play (Android).
    • Start the App and create an account using your email address and creating a password.
    • Select the school that you want to support with your Box Tops:  Navajo Lutheran Mission School – Rock Point, AZ.
    • Buy products with Box Top$ for Education. Save the receipt.
    • Use the App to scan store receipts containing products with Box Tops.  The App asks permission to access the camera in your phone or tablet.  The App helps you line up the receipt and stitch together long receipts.  It uses the whole receipt and finds all products with Box Tops.
      You need to scan the receipt within 14 days of purchase.

    Collectively, these Box Tops really add up to enable these children to get a better education!! Thanks for your help!!

In December 2016, Jean Wahlstrom and Marvin Kananen volunteered for a month at the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission (NELM) in Rock Point, Arizona, an ELCA project.

In March 2020, a Team from Saint Andrew’s served for a week at NELM, helping with various projects:  construction, preparing and serving meals, organizing the school library, and establishing relationship with the Navajo community.
The main construction project was to renovate an apartment at the Mission to be ADA compliant.
They were touched by the love of God and the amazing Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission community.

Below is a slideshow of their week (note: there is no sound).

View slideshow on YouTube

To learn more, visit the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission (NELM) website or contact the church office.