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Prayer Partners for Lent is a program where people who wish to participate are given the name of another participant to pray for during the season of Lent.

It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with someone else in our congregation in a new way. It can make your own spiritual journey through Lent a special time for prayer, and can be a very meaningful experience.

Look for opportunities to sign up for Prayer Partners a few weeks before Ash Wednesday.
You will be randomly assigned a Prayer Partner and their name will be available on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday.
Pray for your Partner during Lent.
You know who you are praying for, but you do not know who is praying for you.
Prayer Partners gather together following Easter and have the opportunity to share their experiences.

For more information, contact the church office or a Faith Community Nurse.

  • Prayer Partners 2020

    February 9 and February 16: Sign up below or in the Narthex to participate.
    February 23: Pick up an envelope that contains the name of your Prayer Partner.
    Throughout Lent: Pray for your Prayer Partner.
    April 19: Prayer Partner Reveal during Discipleship Hour at 9:45 am. Find out who has been praying for you and share experiences.

Prayer Partners for Lent

Praying for someone else is a blessing to another person as well as enriching to our own spiritual journey. By praying for members of our faith community, we can become closer... “Growing together in Christ to love and serve all people.”

Submit your request for a prayer partner no later than Sunday, February 16, and you will be matched with a secret partner and receive an envelope with his or her name and prayer requests on Sunday, February 23.
Optionally, you can request prayers for a special need. You may also provide your cell phone number to send/receive text messages with your Prayer Partner.

You will find out who has been praying for you on the Sunday after Easter, April 19, during Discipleship Hour at 9:45 am.

Submit this form by February 16, 2020. Request forms are also in the Narthex.

Contact Cheryl Jurrus for more information.

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