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Transition Team (TT)

Transition Team: Jessica Allen (recorder), Sara Carmichael, Curt Eckley, Karin Eklof, Scott Lester (communications liaison), Brett Nelson (chair), Sue-Z Trudell

The Transition Team is responsible for the development of a Ministry Site Profile (MSP), which is a “snapshot” of who we are as a congregation and where we see God calling us in our next chapter of ministry.

To develop the MSP, the Transition Team examines the congregation’s identity, core values, mission, and ministry.

They do this in conversation with the congregation – in a variety of ways – to receive both input and to give feedback.

It is an open and transparent review and assessment of:
• Who we are
• Where we have been
• Who God is calling us to be
• What God is calling us to do in our next chapter of ministry

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Status and Current Opportunities

May 12, 2019
A first draft of the Transition Team’s input for the Ministry Site Profile was presented to the congregation during Discipleship Hour on May 5. Comments and feedback were welcomed.
The Team has completed its input.


March – April – May  2019
Sunday Discipleship Hours in March, April, and May have been dedicated to bringing updates and seeking input as the TT develops the Ministry Site Profile (MSP). A first draft of the MSP was presented on Sunday, May 5.

The Transition Team invited the congregation’s input through two forms. Input was considered as the Transition Team developed the Ministry Site Profile.

Forced Choice Exercise:
How would you describe various aspects of our congregation? This exercise required us to choose one answer only for each line of the questionnaire.

Discussion Questions Form:
Seven questions were offered for consideration:
What brought you to Saint Andrew’s?
What do you appreciate about Saint Andrew’s?
What is our deep purpose?
What would you say our primary goals are?
What are 2-3 of our strongest gifts (assets) for ministry/mission?
What are 2-3 obstacles for our ministry and mission?
What are you excited about as you think about the congregation?