Coordinator: Mary Davis, Beth Donahoe, Discipleship Ministries

Staff Liaison: Director of Discipleship Ministries

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is an amazing ministry, and there are many ways to be involved, both during the week of VBS and before VBS, helping to prepare materials.
Join our great team and have fun while making a difference in kids’ lives!

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Vacation Bible School Position Descriptions

  • Teacher / Teacher Assistant

    For Pre-K through Grade 4 Classes
    Using the curriculum provided, teachers and their assistants will lead their classes in the lesson of the day, encouraging questions and participation from all.  After the lesson is over, teachers will lead the students to the daily stations, including music, art, games, living the lesson, and snack.  Teachers should ensure that at least one adult/teen helper is with the class at all times, and stagger when they use restroom, get a snack for themselves, etc.  Classes should never be “dropped off” at a station without the teacher or teacher assistant.  (Teachers should be at least high school age.)

  • Camp Leader / Camp Assistant / Camp Driver

    Camp is Grades 5-7
    Camper leaders work with the upper grades, 5th-7th, and take them on daily outings planned by the Program Director(s).  Camp leaders should follow the daily lessons as do the other students as these will coincide with the three larger field trips planned for the week.  Of the (ideally) three camp leaders, at least two should be approved to drive the church van.

  • Living the Lesson Lead / Assistant

    Living the Lesson is a “station” that gives the children the opportunity to put the Bible lesson into practical action or learn more about the message as it applies to the world today.  This may include art-type projects or crafts that will, ideally, be given away or used by the student to benefit someone else or the environment. It may also include guest speakers. The Living the Lesson Leader should work closely with the Program Director as well as the Art Director to develop projects for the kids.

  • Music Director / Assistant

    Using either the music provided with the purchased curriculum or working with the Program Director to find open source music, the Music Director and assistant will teach each class the music selected for the week.  On the last day of VBS, the Music Director and assistant will lead the children in a performance for their families. Knowing a musical instrument a huge plus.

  • Games

    Lead each class in age-appropriate games and physical activities on the church front lawn, weather permitting.  Also have on hand sidewalk chalk, bubble wands, etc. for kids who do not want to/cannot participate.

  • Snacks Leader / Assistant

    Snack leader will purchase, or recruit others to purchase, healthful snacks for the week of VBS, including portable snacks that can be sent with the older campers.  Students will come to the Fellowship Hall during their assigned time for snacks, which will be made available to them by the snack leader and assistants.  Students should be encouraged to serve themselves as well as clean up after themselves.

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