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Saint Andrew's Lutheran Church
Worship Reflection Notes

Affirmation of Baptism/Confirmation Ministry

I. Please review the "What We're Looking For and Why" notes before responding to these questions.

When you summarize, remember to:

  • Write or illustrate what you saw, heard, or experienced.
  • Use specific details.

When you reflect, remember to:

  • Have an open mind. There are no wrong answers.
  • Share your opinions, questions, and ideas as honestly as you can.

Why is worship reflection an important part of your ABC experience?

  • It helps you connect what you experience in church to your life outside church.
  • It shows your personal connection to worship, a core value at Saint Andrew’s.
  • It gives the Pastor a chance to know what’s on your mind.

II. SUMMARY: Using your own words or pictures
(The Prayers of the Church occurs when the Worship Assistant prays aloud, and the congregation responds with a phrase such as "Hear Our Prayer."

Reflection and Connection

[Please respond to two (2) questions]