Youth Registration Form

  (interactive PDF form; for 2021-2022)

This form provides important contact and medical information. Families need to update the form each year, as it is used for all Sunday Education classes, Youth, and other activities at Saint Andrew’s. It covers all youth from age 2 through Grade 12.

Complete one form per family. There is space for up to four children.

To complete the interactive PDF form:
1. Open the
form and fill in/edit the applicable fields.
2. SAVE the completed form.

Optional permission to perform a background check for adults
For the safety of all, background checks are required for all adults who work with children and vulnerable adults. The registration form has space for two adults in the household to authorize Saint Andrew’s to perform a background check.
This authorization is optional, but will save time and effort for any adult who may want to volunteer with youth this year

Please note: If you have a registration form dated “August 2014” or more recent saved on your computer, you can submit that form. Open it and update the school year, “Today’s Date”, and make any other necessary changes.
(If you submit a previous year’s form and wish to volunteer for youth activities, you will need to complete a separate background check authorization form. Contact the church office to get the form.)

After completing/editing the registration form, SAVE it to your computer. Then either:

  • email the form to; or
  • print and return the form to Saint Andrew’s, by mail or in person (a mail drop slot is to the left or the door near the west [small] parking lot)

You can also print the blank form and complete it by hand. Return the form to Saint Andrew’s.