Contact the church office, 425-746-2529, for support or more information about….


Call the Church Office to schedule the date for a Baptism and an appointment to meet with the Pastor.  It is the practice of the congregation that Baptisms occur during a worship service.

Death in your family:

Please call the church office immediately.  The Pastor and ministry of the congregation want to provide support in this time of need.


Please call the church office as soon as you know you or someone in your family will be hospitalized (out-patient or in-patient) to ensure the Pastoral Staff knows of your situation.  They will also help engage Health and Wholeness Ministry to support your recuperation.

Meals and Transportation:

Contact a Faith Community Nurse or the church office if you have temporary need of meals and/or transportation to appointments.
If you would like to help provide meals or transportation, contact a Faith Community Nurse.

Meals and Transportation Information

Membership at Saint Andrew’s:

Contact Pastor Lara or Fellowship Coordinator Sherry Grindeland to discuss the process to become a member of our church family.  They are happy to answer questions about who we are and how you can engage in ministry at Saint Andrew’s.

Memorial Garden:

Having a memorial space is an ancient Christian tradition of providing a resting place for the sacred remains of loved ones.  The Memorial Garden is a peaceful place for contemplation and renewal, and is a tangible reminder of the communion of saints both living and departed.  There is a columbarium wall for urns, and a cenotaph wall for engravings (for those wanting to remember a loved one, but not place cremains within.)  Contact Facilities Manager Kurt Lutterman for information on reserving a niche or space on the cenotaph wall.

Memorial Garden Information

Prayer Support:

Contact the Pastor or the Church Office with your prayer request or express your request on a pew card and place it in the offering plate during worship.  Your request can be:

  • communicated to the Prayer Tree, a group who prays for others
  • included in the verbal prayers during worship on Sunday morning
  • published in the bulletin
  • shared with the staff
  • any or all of the above

If you would like to be a member of the Prayer Tree, contact the Church Office.

Prayer Tree Information


A Pastor and/or members of the church staff are in the office Monday-Friday, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm.
Call or stop by with questions or to talk. Hospitality is key to our life together.


Call the Church Office to schedule the wedding date and an appointment to meet with the Pastor. It is helpful to have at least a six-month lead time to the day of the wedding.