LGBTQ+ Inclusion Task Force Leader: Beth Donahoe
Task Force Members:
Marc Bateman
Christine Koch
Carolyn McKenna
Seeley Lester (Youth Representative)
Dick Swaisgood
Michele Vossler

Staff Liaison:
Pastor Lara Forbes
Doug Johnson, Director of Youth and Family Ministries

Meetings: as scheduled

The LGBTQ+ Inclusion Task Force has been formed to explore how we as a congregation should respond to issues of human sexuality, identity and inclusion of what is commonly known as the LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Plus) community.
This task force will provide information and support for our congregation as we move through the process of discerning whether or not to become a designated “Reconciling in Christ” congregation.

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Current Opportunities:

Our first congregation forum, led by Pastor Rick Pribbernow (Chaplain/Director of Open Door Ministries), was held September 27, via Zoom. This session introduced the ELCA’s program of Reconciling in Christ and provided a broad overview of the process to become a Reconciled in Christ congregation. Additionally, the forum covered a brief history and insight into the LGBTQ+ community and the long battle for civil rights and examined Biblical and theological perspectives on the subject. Thank you to all who attended.

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Helpful Websites

Reconciling Works

Reconciling Works: Lutherans for Full Participation is a national organization

Open Door Ministries

Open Door Ministries is our local synod ministry. Phone: 206-628-0946


PFLAG: Nation’s first and largest organization for LGBTQ+, their parents, families and allies

GSA Network

GSA: Formerly Gay Straight Alliance, now Genders & Sexualities Alliance Network. A “next generation” LGBTQ racial and gender justice organization that empowers and trains queer, trans and allied youth leaders to organize for safer schools and communities


Greater Seattle Business Alliance: Washington state’s LGBTQ and allied chamber or commerce


WGA: Washington Gender Alliance. All volunteer and community-oriented organization dedicated to helping people deal with issues of gender, identity, and/or expression, be it in their own or someone in their lives


GLOBE (GLBTQ Loving Ourselves, Becoming Empowered) Links: Snohomish group creating an affirming, equal, just and unified community of LBTQ youth, adults, and allies



Our Congregation is Already Welcoming


One Coin Found: How God’s Love Stretches to the Margins, by Emmy Kegler and Rachel Held Evans
A Place at the Table, by Mel White
Stranger at the Gate: To be Gay and Christian in America, by Mel White


Important Dates Coming Up
October 11, 2020: National Coming Out Day
November 20, 2020: Transgender Day of Remembrance
December 1, 2020: World AIDS Day

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Many of you will recall the process our congregation went through as we prepared to call a new pastor.  Using focus groups, surveys and interviews, we ascertained the concerns and aspirations for Saint Andrew’s.  Our congregation agreed that our mission is “Growing in Christ to Love and Serve All People.”

In light of our mission, some members have questioned how we should respond to issues of human sexuality, identity and inclusion of what is commonly known as the LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Plus) community.  To help us, the Congregation Council designated a task force to provide information and support for our congregation.

The task force is aware that some members are ready to welcome this discussion; others have significant concerns and many have questions.  We need forums for the congregation to examine differing perspectives and listen honestly to one another.  To facilitate this, we have asked Pastor Rick Pribbernow to guide us.  He is the Chaplain/Director of Open Door Ministries, a Lutheran ministry of consultation and pastoral care for sexual orientation and gender identity in our synod. Our first forum was held September 27, 2020, via Zoom.

We plan to resume this conversation in 2021 when we can meet again in person to have additional forums.  In the meantime, check back for materials and suggested links to learn more.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel welcome and safe in contacting Beth Donahoe or any of the task force members.  If desired, your communications will be held in strict confidence and your comments will not be associated with your name.  Pastor Lara and Doug Johnson, Director of Youth and Family Ministries, are serving as advisors to our group and are also available.

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