June 2022

At the Semi-Annual Congregation Meeting on Sunday, June 12, 2022, the congregation voted to ratify provisions to the Saint Andrew’s Constitution. The updated constitution will be sent to the Synod for review.

May 2022

Proposed Changes to the Saint Andrew’s Constitution

At the March 6, 2022 Annual Congregation Meeting, the congregation voted to approve changes to the Saint Andrew’s Lutheran Church Constitution.
According to the ELCA and our constitution requirements, certain changes to provisions that were approved at the Annual Congregation Meeting require the congregation to ratify them before they can become effective. See Details of Constitution Provision Amendments Ratification Requirement below for additional explanation.
A vote on this ratification will take place at the Semi-Annual Congregation Meeting on Sunday, June 12, 2022. The meeting begins at 11:15 am, and you will be able to participate in-person or via Zoom.

Two documents are available for your review (paper copies are available in the church office):
~ an explanatory document “Approved Provision Changes Requiring Congregation Ratification” with detailed explanation of the provisions needing ratification
~ a copy of the Constitution with all changes highlighted, and

Explanatory Document Constitution with Proposed Changes

Details of Constitution Provision Amendments Ratification Requirement
The Constitution, Bylaws, and Continuing Resolutions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) states that an ELCA congregation wishing to amend any non-required provision(s) in its constitution may do so as long as the amendment conforms to section 9.25b of that document.  A congregation’s non-required provisions, bylaws, and continuing resolutions may not conflict with the ELCA’s constitution & bylaws, the constitution of the involved synod and with other parts of the congregation’s own constitution.  To help ensure that conflicts do not occur when a congregation desires to amend a provision NOT initiated by the ELCA, the congregation is required by ELCA to ratify the change(s).  This ratification process, which is described in provision *C16.02 of the Saint Andrew’s constitution, involves first approving the amendment(s) at a legally called congregation meeting by a majority vote of those voting members present and voting. At the next congregation meeting, the congregation must ratify the provision amendment(s) without change by a two-thirds majority vote of those voting members present and voting. Once the proposed amendment(s) are ratified by the congregation, they are sent to the involved synod for an approval or disapproval decision. At the March 6, 2022 congregation annual meeting, the congregation approved nine (9) provisions not initiated by ELCA. The congregation is being asked to ratify these provisions at the June 12, 2022 Semi-Annual meeting. A description of these provisions along with the rationale for them is included in a document entitled “Approved Provision Changes Requiring Congregation Ratification.” This document is available for your review on the Saint Andrew’s website and through the church office.

On Sunday, January 9, Art Gurtel and Linda Powell from the Constitution Task Force facilitated a Discipleship Hour Forum discussion about the proposed changes, and answered questions. A recording of this Forum is available on our Discipleship Hour Forum webpage.

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Current Constitution

The current approved version (as of October 8, 2018) of the Saint Andrew’s Constitution is here in PDF format.

Saint Andrew's Constitution
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Constitution Task Force

The Constitution Task Force meets on an occasional basis to consider and recommend revisions to the Saint Andrew’s Constitution. The time commitment is a few meetings when proposed revisions arise. New volunteers to the Task Force are always welcome; contact the church office if you are interested or would like more information.

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