Congregation Liaison: Outreach and Servant Ministries Committee

Lantern Hill is located outside of Ensenada, Mexico, 100 miles south of San Diego, California. It was started in 2007 by Abby and JJ Williams in an effort to respond to the most basic needs of every person; to love, care for and educate the children and families of Canon Buenavista.
The mission of Lantern Hill is to break the cycle of poverty, with a vision of loving, healthy and educated children and families with unlimited opportunities.
Their strategy is to create sustainable, measurable, long-term love, care and education programs that give each person the opportunity to change their present and their future.

To better facilitate operations, two nonprofit entities work to support the work of Lantern Hill:

Linterna del Camino (Lantern Hill) concentrates on the day to day operations in Mexico. Lantern Hill educates, feeds and cares for children at its education center, and supports the higher education of its graduates. It welcomes volunteer groups to partner with to further its mission and build relationships in the community. A group of twelve from Saint Andrew’s volunteered at Lantern Hill in July 2019.

Friends of Lantern Hill was formed with the purpose of supporting Linterna del Camino through grants and mission trip support. It is a nonprofit United States corporation.

Saint Andrew’s supported Lantern Hill with the 2019 Mission Trip and continues to support Lantern Hill through budgeted funds and offerings from Sunday Church School youth.

Current Opportunities:

LAPTOPS: Looking to upgrade your current laptop? Have an extra one that you aren’t sure what to do with? Please prayerfully consider donating a laptop to the children of Lantern Hill. Lantern Hill was formed with the mission of breaking the chains of poverty through education, love and care. Laptops are essential for the first generation students currently attending University in Ensenada, Mexico.
Laptops must be wi-fi compatible, and able to run Office. If your laptop does not have Office but it can be loaded, that is fine. There is a preference for the laptop to be able to run Windows 10, but any Windows version will work. Please erase all personal data. For donation details and questions, contact Shana Nielsen.

Funds to support Lantern Hill’s work are welcome. Contribute with a check payable to Saint Andrew’s, with “Lantern Hill” in the memo line.