Congregation Liaison: Outreach and Servant Ministries Committee

Lantern Hill is located outside of Ensenada, Mexico, 100 miles south of San Diego, California. It was started in 2007 by Abby and JJ Williams in an effort to respond to the most basic needs of every person; to love, care for and educate the children and families of Canon Buenavista.
The mission of Lantern Hill is to break the cycle of poverty, with a vision of loving, healthy and educated children and families with unlimited opportunities.
Their strategy is to create sustainable, measurable, long-term love, care and education programs that give each person the opportunity to change their present and their future.

To better facilitate operations, two nonprofit entities work to support the work of Lantern Hill:

Linterna del Camino (Lantern Hill) concentrates on the day to day operations in Mexico. Lantern Hill educates, feeds and cares for children at its education center, and supports the higher education of its graduates. It welcomes volunteer groups to partner with to further its mission and build relationships in the community. A group of twelve from Saint Andrew’s volunteered at Lantern Hill in July 2019.

Friends of Lantern Hill was formed with the purpose of supporting Linterna del Camino through grants and mission trip support. It is a nonprofit United States corporation.

Saint Andrew’s supported Lantern Hill with the 2019 Mission Trip and continues to support Lantern Hill through budgeted funds and offerings from Sunday Church School youth.

Current Opportunities:

As of July 2020:
A greeting from Lantern Hill…
Please pray for the health and well being of the children and families of Lantern Hill.  There are grave concerns for care, as there is little to no medical treatment available should Cornonavirus be contracted in their community.

It has been over two months since we have been able to open our doors and welcome the children of the community into our program.  During this time, we have continued to pay the staff and have been making every effort to keep food on the tables of the families of our children.

We started giving food distributions every week, and were able to do that for the firsts five weeks.  However, because of the rising costs of supplies, we have had to reduce our distributions to every other week.  We hope to be able to continue this for the remainder of this pandemic.

Education is currently on hold, except for our three University students whom are continuing online and are still all on track to become University Graduates in December.  We are hopeful that we have one or two more students enroll in University this fall.

Unfortunately there will be no groups this summer and it is very doubtful that we will have a summer program. Work on the new building is able to continue and the first floor is just about finished.  There are some finishing touches to be taken care of and we hope to be in the building when we are able to open in the fall.

Friends of Lantern Hill and Lantern Hill/Linterna del Camino would like to thank each of you for your continued support.  We would not be able to do what we do without your thoughts, prayers and financial support.

Funds to support Lantern Hill’s work are welcome. Contribute with a check payable to Saint Andrew’s, with “Lantern Hill” in the memo line.