Chair: Sharon Gurtel

Council Liaison: Tom Getzinger

Staff Liaison:
Pastor Lara Forbes
Dr. Will Simpson, Director of Music Ministries

Meetings: Bi-monthly on the third Monday, 6:30 pm

The Worship and Music Committee, along with the Pastor, oversees the conduct of worship services.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Support the Director of Music Ministries and other staff musicians
  2. Collaboratively with the Director of Music Ministries and Pastor, act as consultation and advisory for
    1. Selection of music including hymns and liturgy settings
    2. Worship related considerations such as service times, chancel chats, announcements, etc.
    3. Coordination of worship services and musical performances
  3. Review for potential approval all suggestions/requests/ideas related to worship services or music therein prior to implementation
  4. The sanctuary is a jointly and equally shared responsibility of the Worship and Music Committee and the Building and Property Committee. Any changes in the sanctuary will be agreed to by both committees.  Any conflicts will be resolved by the Executive Committee.
  5. In consultation with the Director of Music Ministries
    1. establish guidelines for use of the music room space by outside groups
    2. approve and/or revoke music room use privileges

This committee shall operate in full partnership with the Altar Guild, the Acolyte Order of St John, the Assisting Minister Coordinator, the Sunday Servers Coordinator and others who serve in worship.  This committee shall collaborate with all other committees.

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