Discipleship Forum Recording – Racial Justice Group – October 16, 2022


Maria Harwell and members of the Racial Justice Group delve into the subject of and lead meaningful discussion around the historical context of noose incidents across the United States and in our local communities, and the anti-racist work we are called to do in order to heal from and prevent further racially-motivated harassment and threats. Yes, it may make you uncomfortable but please join us for this historical perspective and the ramifications that continue today.

Sources and materials:

Lynching In America by Equal Justice Initiative

“The Hangman’s Noose and the Lynch Mob: Hate Speech and the Jena Six” by Jeannine Bell, 2009

“Hangman’s Noose, Symbol of Racial Animus, Keeps Cropping Up”, 2017

“Dozens of nooses have shown up on U.S. construction sites. The culprits rarely face consequences.”, 2021

“Noose Incident Dampens The Spirits Of Black Carpenter” June 29, 2022

“Redmond police investigate alleged hate crime after noose found at Facebook construction site” June 29, 2022

“Three construction workers fired over incident with noose, police investigating hate crime” July 22, 2022

Audio Podcast
  1. Sherry Grindeland

    Great job, Maria.
    Congratulations on excellent research about a difficult subject.