Helping the People Affected by Wildfires in Hawaii

August 2023

Helping the People Effected by the Wildfires in Hawaii

You have undoubtably read or heard about the devastating wildfires in Hawaii. These fires have destroyed homes, businesses and lines of communication. You may be wondering how you can help the thousands of people impacted by these fires.

First off, pray for the Maui communities impacted by the wildfires. May God’s healing presence bring them peace and hope in their time of need and give strength to those working diligently to contain the fires and care for affected communities.

Our Outreach and Servant Ministries Committee has directed $1,000 from the New Opportunity fund to Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR) directed to their “U. S. Wildfires Fund”. Lutheran Disaster Response is coordinating with the Pacifica Synod and other partners to assess the needs of people impacted by the wildfires.  They continue to work with them to provide for immediate needs and recovery amid the widespread destruction.  Lutheran Disaster Response is committed to accompanying recovering communities in the years ahead.

The need is great and urgent.  If you are able, you are encouraged to provide support for the people affected by these fires.  You can do that directly at the Lutheran Disaster Response website at this link:  Ensure the designation is “U.S. Wildfires”.
Or you can write a check to Saint Andrew’s and put “Hawaii Wildfires” on the memo line. Donations made directly to LDR rather than through the church will reach the people affected quicker.

Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR) assures that your gifts designated for “U.S. Wildfires” will be used entirely (100%) to provide long-lasting support for those whose lives have been impacted by these fires.  For further information about LDR’s efforts visit:  

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