Mexico 12 Thursday!

Wow, what an amazing experience this has been.  So much learning and love and laughing.  Having this trip be “multi-generational” is awesome!  We have full families, a solo traveler and partial families traveling together and it could not have worked out better.  It makes for great conversations and perspectives. 

Today was the last day of escualita (little school) for the summer.  We took all the kids to the play ground and threw water balloons.  Such joy all around from the kids as well as adults.  Then we came back to Lantern Hill and played…there was sidewalk chalk, coloring, electrical snap circuits, soccer, mask making, puzzles, etc, etc.  So fun!

Lantern Hill is an amazing place.  The kids walk up the dirt roads and appear with smiles on their faces.  They all get a huge hug from Alicia/Alyssa the summer school director at the front door.  Then they come in and socialize in the courtyard until it is time to start.  Then the kids are separated into 3 groups according to age.  The classes are fun and at the same time the kids are learning.  Yesterday I helped with syllable bingo with the littles ( about 5 to 7 years old).  One little girl, Juliet, was clearly lost as to what to do.  She sort of faked her way through it a few times and then it seemed to click.  Wow, she had such an expression of joy when she was participating!  She was learning!  Chatting with the school director, I learned she started out the summer terrified and unwilling to leave her siblings.  Eventually Lantern Hill teachers got her into a separate class, then she made some friends and is participating fully.  She is going to be ready for kindergarten.  

Lantern Hill is such a blessing to these kids and we are so blessed to be here.  




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