Mexico Mission Team – Day 2 – Sunday Funday – Tacos, Tiles and Anticipation

Abby declared today “Sunday Friday”.  We had a leisurely morning that included reading the gospel from Saint Andrew’s bulletin, prayers and sharing some of the notes and words of inspiration they many of you sent us.  Thank you!  We definitely feel able appreciate your love and support.  

We then attended church.  It was a contemporary service all in Spanish so unfortunately I didn’t understand much but the music was great (a guitar and drums) and the pastor was obviously charismatic and the congregation was engaged.  I later learned that his message was about listening for gods word which is like a light on the path and also preached about how men & women are equal and deserve each other’s respect.

We then went to the harbor / port in Ensenada which was bustling with activity – a cruise ship, restaurants & bars, a large outdoor market, music, and lots of people (mostly locals out with their families).  We had great fish tacos for lunch (Baja is known for them) and then had a few hours on our own to explore.  Most of us bought some souvenirs.

After that we split into groups to pick up some supplies for the week with trips to Walmart and Home Depot.  Donations from Saint Andrew’s bought 50 cartons of tile which will be laid this week in Lantern Hills new building.  

When we returned to Lantern Hill we prepared some activities for the kids tomorrow and then went to a local taco stand for some great pork tacos (we ate well today!)

We closed the evening with Abby sharing her inspirational story about Lantern Hill.  It has not been an easy journey but this is clearly a special place and you can feel God’s touch here.  We are all anxious and excited to meet the kids who will be here tomorrow morning.  Some of us will be working with them and some of us will be plastering, painting and timing the new building and cleaning up the backyard of the volunteer house.   Can’t wait to start serving and volunteer our learning tomorrow and throughout the week.




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