Mexico Mission Team Day 4 – Sickness Spreads

The morning started off a little rough for some of the mission team. Shana and Sydney experienced Montasuma’a Revenge and spent some quality time in the bathroom. The sickness continued spreading throughout the day with Jack, Dave, and Jillian all feeling some symptoms. Dave and Shana seemed to have it the worst and spent most of their day resting and recharging. Jillian and Sydney mustered up the energy to paint a dog house for Lantern Hill’s adopted dog named Lucy. 

In the meantime, the other members of the mission team had a delicious breakfast of chilequiles and eggs. After breakfast, half of the team was continuing the previous days project of plastering the walls of the new house. Thanks to Jacobs dedication and hard work, the team completed the first layer over the whole house. The other half were busy continuing renovations to the ever expanding patio of the blue house. Livi represented the team at Lantern Hill by assisting with teaching Spanish to the kids. 

After lunch, Abby, Joyce, Livi, Jillian, and Sydney headed out to the Segundas, a street lined with little second hand shops. The group came back with a packed car but was overall a successful trip. They bargained down prices and came home with 2 tables, 2 chairs, an umbrella, flowers, a water cooler, and an abundance of patio decorations. While they were at the Segundas, Danielle was at Home Depot buying flooring for the patio being built in the backyard. They did not have as much success but still came home with some cool items. 

Everyone feeling sick this morning is slowly recovering and hopes that with a goodnight of sleep will be able to return to work tomorrow. 

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