Photo Directory

Update as of November 26:
Production of the directory is in progress, and photos are still welcome!
See below for options to get your family’s photo included.
Contact Susan Hegedus,, with questions.

Get ready to smile! We are publishing an updated congregation photo directory this fall!
We want everyone included, whether or not you are technically a “member” of Saint Andrew’s.  If you are part of our congregation, we want your family’s photo in the directory!

There are several ways to have your photo included. Choose the way that works best for you!

  • Contact Susan Hegedus to make arrangements to have your photo taken at church.
  • Provide a recently taken photo of your family.
    ο If it’s digital, email it to Susan Hegedus or contact her for upload instructions.
    ο If it’s a printed photo, bring it to church and we’ll scan it for you.
  • Set up a Zoom call with Susan Hegedus and she will record a photo.
  • If Pastor Lara comes to visit you, she will be happy to take your photo.

Photo Sessions at Saint Andrew’s

THANK YOU to our adult and youth volunteer photographers, greeters, and “reviewers” who helped with photo sessions.
Also, THANK YOU to everyone in the congregation who took the time to come and get your photo taken. 

Youth Volunteers and Fundraiser

Throughout 2023 and 2024 the youth will be participating in a number of trips and activities: the fall retreat at Lutherwood, May Youth Weekend, summer trips, and more. To make all of these happen, we need your support. Our first fundraiser for the year is going to be the Photo Directory. The youth will be working hard alongside Susan Hegedus and others to make this year’s directory. To support their work we are asking a freewill offering of $10 per household. Donations should be clearly marked “Photo Directory Fundraiser”. They can be put in the offering plate on Sundays, mailed to church, or dropped in the mail slot near the west entrance door (by the small parking lot.)

  • ALL contributions will go to youth activities.
  • ALL congregation households will receive a directory whether a contribution is made or not.

If you have any questions you can reach out to Doug Johnson,, or Susan Hegedus,

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