Giving Options

Here are ways you can be a “cheerful giver” at Saint Andrew’s:

  • We are happy to receive checks and cash in the offerings on Sunday. Upon request, our Accounting Assistant will mail you personalized donation envelopes for your convenience. There also are envelopes in the pews for your use.
  • You can set up a direct donation to Saint Andrew’s through your bank.
  • Simply Giving is an automated payment that can be set up to transfer funds from your checking and savings accounts. Our Accounting Assistant can provide you with an Authorization form which authorizes Thrivent Federal Credit Union to withdraw funds from your specified account for Saint Andrew’s based on your request. This form would be returned to our Accounting Assistant to process for you.
  • You can set up automated or one time donations on the Saint Andrew’s Lutheran Church secure donation page.  You can donate directly from a checking or savings account, or use a credit card. It is convenient and safe.
  • Some members like to donate by transferring shares of stock, or required IRA distributions. Contact Accounting Assistant Russ Stark for the necessary forms.
  • Via Text Message. The number to text is 425-970-9567. Text the numerical amount you wish to donate and which fund you are donating to (for example, “10 NEW BEGINNINGS” donated $10 to the “New Beginnings” fund appeal.
    Donations without a fund designation go into the Current Fund.
    The first time you text to this number you will be given a secure link for a simple account set-up. You will be given the opportunity to set up one time or recurring donations. There is more information available in the office.

Contact the Saint Andrew’s Accounting Assistant, or 425-746-2529, with any question you may have.