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Facilitator: Dick Swaisgood

Staff Liaison: Sherry Grindeland, Fellowship Coordinator

Tuesdays, 8:30 am, online (contact Dick Swaisgood for instructions on joining these gatherings)

as of September 2022:
Canoeing the Mountains, Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory is by Tod Bolsinger.
“Transformational leadership is attractive to talk about but to practice it, is the challenge of a leader’s life.” Author Tod Bolsinger describes this approach to leading others as “energizing a community of people toward their own transformation in order to accomplish a shared mission in the face of a changing world.”

We begin with a time of sharing of what’s going on in church or special events in our lives. We end with a call for prayer requests where we share those persons we know who need God’s special touch.

All our gatherings are via Zoom and all are welcome. If you feel inspired to join in the discussion, please fill your coffee cup, no dress code required, shaving is optional, and meet us online at 8:30 am Tuesday mornings.

Contact Dick Swaisgood for instructions on joining this online gathering.