Staff Liaison: Director of Discipleship Ministries

We welcome children in worship!  Their curious minds and mimicking are the fruits of parents worshiping in the Sanctuary with them. The saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

We have resources to engage our Younger Disciples! Resources include:

  • A “Church Bag” filled with crayons, snacks, books, stickers, etc. for use during church. Church bags for readers and non-readers are available in the Narthex; ask an usher.
  • Younger Disciples Tips” in the bulletin with ideas to engage children in worship.
  • A Time for Younger Disciples” during the worship service invites all children to come forward for a message from the Pastor.
  • Children may borrow Spark Bibles during worship to follow along with the lessons and parts of worship. These are available in the Narthex; ask an usher. Please return to an usher when you leave.

Everyone can make our families with small children welcome. Here are a few tips:

  • Learn the names of the children who sit near you in worship and greet them.
  • Offer to read or color with one child during worship, especially if another child in the family is fussy or upset.
  • Help our preschoolers and elementary aged children navigate the liturgy, locate hymns, etc. Children learn how to worship by participation.
  • Invite children to serve alongside you in worship as greeters, ushers, etc.
  • Recognize that certain conditions or disabilities do not present physically, and some children (and adults) may make noises or act in ways that seem strange or upsetting, but are perfectly normal for their situation.
  • Celebrate that God put the wiggle in children, and that children’s “mode of being” in worship is intrinsically more vocal and more physical than that of adults.