Support for the People of Ukraine

June 2022

The crisis in Ukraine and Eastern Europe continues to worsen every day. As of May 24th, the U.N. Refugee  Agency reports that more than 6.5 million people have already fled war torn Ukraine. Some of these  refugees are starting to arrive in Washington. Help is desperately needed to help these refugees in both Eastern Europe and here in our area.

Continue to pray for the people of Ukraine and their safety. Pray for all of those in Eastern and Central Europe who are affected by this crisis. Pray for partner churches in the region and the work they are doing to show God’s love and mercy to people in great need. Pray for the Ukrainian refugees arriving in our area and starting over. And pray for a swift and merciful end to the violence.

Our Outreach and Servant Ministries Committee is using our New Opportunity fund to provide support or these refugees. In March we sent money to Lutheran Disaster Response to help the refugees in eastern  Europe. Now, as refugees from Ukraine are starting to arrive in Washington, we are sending $1,000 to Lutheran Community Services Northwest (partnering closely with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services) to help these refugees as they start over in our community.

If you are able, we encourage you to consider providing help to these people who have fled their homes  with very little and need our help with basic needs. To help the people in Eastern Europe, you can donate to Lutheran Disaster Response at: or with a check to Saint Andrew’s with “Ukraine support” in the memo line.

To help support the refugees arriving in our area, you can donate to Lutheran Community Services Northwest at: or with a check to Saint Andrew’s with 
“Refugee resettlement” in the memo line.  

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